8 Dating Rules For Miley Cyrus

106.1 Kiss FM recently released a post on their website entitled, “8 Rules For Dating Miley Cyrus.” You can read it here. Now, I’m not sure whether the post is accurate or not. Maybe, it’s just a spoof or meant to poke fun and the raunchy, little ball of misplaced sexual energy. But, either way, the [...]

North Shore Hawaii

Check out this ridiculous time lapse by Ryan Larson. It does a pretty badass job at relaying the awe-inspiring beauty of the North Shore. Seeing the clouds form and race by, the waves roll in and crash, and the sun reflecting off of the mountains is definitely going to get you pissed off that you’re [...]

Lana Del Rey Releases Video For Her New Single, “West Coast”

My heart’s desire, Lana Del Rey, released her new video this week for her latest single, West Coast. And, as usual, it’s simply badass, so I figured that I’d plug it for her. Palm trees, cigarettes, late-night drives, fire, and a sultry red dress…there’s really no way that it could have gone wrong. But, check [...]

Hunter Moore, Revenge Porn King, Arrested By The FBI For Computer Hacking

So, as I’m sure anyone who follows him on Twitter has probably already figured out by now, Hunter Moore was recently arrested by the FBI! That’s right. Hunter Moore, more commonly known as the “most hated man on the internet,” who was dubbed the “revenge porn king” by TIME magazine, was indicted on 15 different [...]

Mentally Unstable Woman Completely Loses Her Shit And Bullies Dunkin’ Donuts Employees

As many of you probably know, I regularly listen to the Russ Martin show in the afternoon while I’m either working out or stuck in traffic. Today, the show featured a bit where Russ and his co-hosts were losing their shit and laughing at the video above where a mentally unstable woman, Taylor Chapman, comes [...]

Wiping: The Sit Or Stand Dilemma

Recently, I was listening to the Russ Martin show on my way home from the gym, and he was discussing whether or not its more feasible for a brah to sit or stand while wiping his butt after taking a good, old-fashioned dump. Now, to be quite honest with you, I really had no idea [...]

Top Ten Reasons To Smash Lana Del Rey

If you get bored while smashing her, you can create a game where the goal is to knock whatever piece of crap she’s wearing in her hair off of her head and behind the bed. She became famous by writing a song called, Video Games. She’s looks just like everyone else, so you can imagine you’re [...]

Brah Completely Flips Out Over Popeye’s Pop’N 2-Piece Chicken Basket Special

While it’s still somewhat unclear whether this gentleman experienced a bad glitch of Molly as the cameraman suggests or whether he simply noticed the new promo materials for this month’s 2-Piece Chicken Basket Special that was posted in the window of this Popeye’s Chicken located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one thing is for sure…he certainly needs [...]

VH1 Matchmaker Steve Ward Promises Hooker A Spot On “Tough Love” In Exchange For Sex

Matchmaker and reality television star Steve Ward, who most of you brahs probably know as the puffed up, pompous ass that hosts that god awful show on VH1, Tough Love, has evidently been caught on an audio recording promising to help cast a high-priced hooker on the show in exchange for blowjobs and sex. Not [...]

Ruthie Camden Has Grown Up And Became A Slut

As much as we all may have tried to forget about it, any of you brahs still remember that television show 7th Heaven? It was that show that featured the Camden family whose life centered all around Christianity, the church, and little baby Jesus. They were supposed to be this ideal, perfect family and, while they may have [...]