5 Gifts That Every Girl Will Love

Brahs suck at selecting gifts for girls. It’s a universal fact. And, it doesn’t matter whether the gift is intended for a friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, probation officer, manager, or the random, hot chick that is in charge of the bagels at Panera Bread. Finding a gift for a female that she actually likes and [...]

A Telltale Sign That It Is Time To Breakup With Your Insta-Famous Girlfriend

I hate selfies. I rarely take selfies. In fact, the only time that you’ll probably find me taking a selfie or being featured in an Instagram video is… Nevermind, I can’t think of a single reason for taking a selfie. Make no mistake. Selfies are the devil. But, I am a brah. So, these feelings [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why Dating A Girl Who Is Into Sports Sucks

Dating a girl who is into sports is kind of like throwing a rock at an occupied police cruiser. At first, the whole idea seems joyful, thrilling, and rewarding…all at the same time. But, just about the time that the rock hits the ground after splintering Officer Bumblefoot’s windshield and causing him to spill his coffee [...]

Blowjob Week: Why Every Girl Should Honor It

I recently saw some post on Facebook about it being “blowjob week” and, while I immediately “liked” it, I was completely shocked to see the number of comments from the poster’s randoms inquiring into what exactly blowjob week actually is. And, I know that Facebook is no Twitter, but still. I was simply shocked. But, [...]

Why Long Distance Relationships Are The Best Relationships

Relationships can sometimes be a great thing. Often times, they provide a person with a sense of love, comfort, support, and stability. Unfortunately, as you may very well know, they’re also totally and completely boring, brah. Sure, relationships start off great. In the beginning, you and your girl wake up at noon, smash each other, [...]

If A Girl Says She’s Not Like Every Other Girl Then She Is Just Like Every Other Girl

There are very few tried and true realities of life brahs, but there is one pillar of wisdom that you can always count on that will never, ever lead you astray. And, I’m sure that all of you have encountered this bullshit line all too many times before. You know what I’m talking about. Some chick, [...]

What It Means When Your Ex Girlfriend Randomly Invites You Over To Watch A Movie At Her Place

If you’ve ever dated a real living and breathing female, I’m sure you’ve experienced this situation before. Some random chick who you don’t really care about pursues you and pressures you into spending some time with her. Not long after, you realize that she’s completely annoying but, nonetheless, you finally cave in to the pressure [...]

A Simple And Effective Approach To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number

Every brah knows how integral getting a girl’s phone number can be when trying to insert yourself into her life (and possible other things as well). But, many brahs out there struggle with asking a girl for her number because it requires putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to rejection and embarassment. Whether you’ve met [...]

10 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Moving To Vegas

Whether you’ve been dating your girlfriend for a few weeks or a couple of years, you know as well as I know that, at any given moment, she’s about one paxil away from completely blindsiding you and uprooting your life with some new whimsical, glitter-bombed scheme of hers. Perhaps she decides to quit her well-paying [...]

Flirt With Girls Simply By Asking Them Questions

You’re a brah which means that you already know how to effectively flirt with the female population. You know how to casually break the ice. You know how to establish and maintain eye contact. And, without any thought at all, you know just the right moment to subtlety make physical contact with her arm as you [...]