Drinking & Partying

You May Drink Too Much If You…

If you’re like me, then you probably like to party. And, if you’re really, really like me, then you really, really like to party. Brahs like to party! It’s a fact of life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, every now and then, I find myself pondering over the ever-so-elusive and perplexing question of [...]

Jagermeister Releases Its New Jager Spice

When I first heard that Jagermeister had released a new flavor of Jager, I don’t think that I could have been any more excited than if someone had told me that a new type of girl with two vaginas had just been discovered. I was pumped, to say the least. So, you bet your sweet [...]

How To Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors Everytime

If you’re like me, then you take extensive pride in excelling at really stupid, pointless games that don’t matter at all in life. And, what’s more stupid and pointless than rock, paper, scissors? I mean, let’s be real. The game takes absolutely no physical exertion whatsoever. There are no materials or equipment required to square [...]

The Rule Of Pregaming

Every brah knows the importance of pregaming when it comes to holiday parties, charity events, first dates, or any other affair that may present a nice opportunity to get completely hammered-ass, falling down drunk. But, very few brahs actually know how to execute this delicate procedure with the precision needed in order to reap the [...]

How To Get Served In A Crowded Bar

It’s 10:45 on Saturday night, and the aesthetic chick from the gym that you’ve been working on has just texted you to inform you that she’s at that new, ultra-exclusive bar that everyone’s been talking about. Now, you’re not really sure if she’s just trying to up her value by boasting on her proximity to [...]

The Perfect Party Chile Con Queso

What’s up brah? Just in time for summer, here it is! My personal, bomb-ass recipe for homemade chile con queso. It’s the perfect party snack for you and your brahs, and now it’s yours! Ingredients: 1 lb of lean ground beef 1 white onion finely chopped 1 lb of original Velveeta cheese 1 10 oz. [...]

Operation: Bear Plump

Recently, one of my best brahs ended up getting sick so, in a desperate attempt to aid his recovery, he decided to take the day off from work, stay at home, and chill on the couch while watching a bit of television. All of a sudden, I receive a text message from him talking about how there’s some show [...]

Ever Wondered Why 32oz Beers Exist?

Many brahs out there take for granted the 32 ounce beer. Likewise, many brahs take for granted those 16 ounce beers that come in the plastic bottles for that matter. You know? The ones that they sell at baseball games and concerts. But, why do they take 32 ounce beers for granted? It’s because they [...]