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How To Politely Inform Another Brah That His Girl Is Cheating On Him

Regrettably, I used to hang out in Denton, Texas quite a bit. So, for awhile, it was quite a common occurrence that I’d meet random girls who went to UNT and inevitably be duped into hanging out with them at some point or another. Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a girl [...]

The Brah’s Guide To Requesting And Granting Favors

Favors. We’ve all had to request them, and we’ve all had to grant them at some point or another during our lives. I don’t care who you are or how astute and fortunate you may be, it’s just a cold, hard fact of life. From time to time, we all fall upon hard times and [...]

Urinal And Bathroom Etiquette For Brahs

We’re all brahs here, so I’m pretty sure that we’ve all probably experienced this same situation before at one point or another in our lives. Picture this scenario for a moment using the picture above. You’ve been pounding back pints of Bud Light for the past three hours at your local bar. Already feeling somewhat [...]

Never Go To Another Brah’s Party Empty Handed

This is an important one. So, listen up, brahs. Getting invited to parties is an integral part of any brah’s life. On any given night of the week, there are multitudes of keg parties, pool parties, frat parties, house parties, graffiti parties, and foam parties just waiting to be honored by your mere presence. And, as [...]

Never Reveal To A Girl Where A Brah Lives

As a brah, you have an innate, hardwired duty to all of your fellow brahs to never, ever, absolutely under any circumstances reveal to a girl where he lives or stays. Almost every brah has encountered this quandary at some point or another during their lives. Some chick in your psychology class, who you know has [...]

You Must Seek Your Brah’s Permission Before Banging His Ex

Sooner or later, every guy out there encounters this difficult dilemma. Your brah has been with his girl for almost a year. She is smoking hot, and she even has the capacity to be charming at times. Not to mention the fact that she’s a total flirt. So, the day finally comes when your brah is [...]