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What Traits Should You Look For In A Girlfriend?

Anyone who knows me or has even bothered to read a few of my posts on this site surely knows that I have some rather novel and unique thoughts and ideas when it comes to girls, dating, and relationships. Some of these thoughts and ideas, I consider to be running rules of the universe which [...]

How To Hookup With Girls On Twitter

Alright brahs. Today, we’re going to be discussing how to hookup with randoms on Twitter. Day after day, week after week, I see all of these lackluster, bumbling tweets aimed at knocking down some good ol’ fashioned strange by brahs that actually seem to be pretty chill. Their problem is that they just have no clue [...]

How To Shut Down Thirsty Girls And Their Stupid Selfies

Sometimes, an argument will come up between a brah and I about the most effective way to smash out girls on Facebook or, alternatively, the most effective way to burn a thirsty female who relentlessly insists on posting selfies all over your feed in the desperate and hopeless attempt to fill her tired, broken-down, and tarnished soul. And, while [...]

How To Take A Selfie

The selfie started out as an affectionate, unadorned gesture that one individual would share with another who they were engaged in an intimate relationship with. Yes, approximately ten years ago, the selfie was actually considered to be sweet, serene, and sincere. But, today the selfie is just like HPV. No matter how cautious you are [...]

Should You Trust A Girl Over The Age Of 17 Who Claims To Be A Virgin?

I believe that everyone has run into this situation at some point during their lives. My first time? It was a slim, sexy, blonde chick at the gym with piercing green eyes as green as a fresh bud of fruity pebbles just waiting to be blazed up and smoked. From our very first introduction, she [...]

What’s The Best Night To Ask A Girl Out On A Date?

Michael N. recently asked, “What’s the best night to ask a girl out on a date?” First of all, this is an excellent question. Second, I can’t tell you how many brahs fail to take this critical factor into account when asking a girl out on a date. Whether you’re attempting to simply one-time bang [...]