What’s up, brah! So, maybe you’ve visited the site a few times before? Or, perhaps you were referred by one of your brahs, and this is your first time here? Either way, one thing is for sure. At You Got This Brah, you’ll find real-world advice and information for brahs by brahs on topics ranging anywhere from insta-famous girls all the way to Betty Crocker’s Bacos!

My name is Walter Skirmish. And, while I may not have all of the answers in life, I certainly know my way around the dance floor. I can get into damn near any VIP club, I can get almost any girl’s number, and I can make wicked pot of homemade queso. All this…while being 18 Bud Lights deep!

But, how…you ask? Am I just extremely lucky? Am I Kim Dawson model material? Maybe it’s because I roll bank, and my personality rocks? Unfortunately, for me, the answer to all of these questions is no. The excitement and enjoyment that I receive out of life stems from one very simple explanation…I am a seasoned brah! Yeah, believe it or not, I started out the same as you and everyone else. When I was younger, I wan’t the most popular guy in high school, and I didn’t get invited to all of the cool parties. In fact, I had a girlfriend at the time who I hoped to someday marry and do the whole family thing with. Hey, I was too inexperienced to know any better! Only later, would I discover that she was a total whore who had been banging some dude who drove a PT Cruiser with Macco-painted flames carelessly dressed down the sides for the better part of our dating relationship.

You live, and you learn. But, it takes time. That’s where You Got This Brah comes into play. Brahs have to stick together! And, at You Got This Brah, younger, less experienced brahs can learn from myself and other more experienced brahs who have already been through all of the crazy, messed-up situations, issues, dilemmas, and drama that they’ll undoubtedly face at some point during their precious, little lives. Therefore, this isn’t just my website. It’s your website. You Got This Brah!