Fast Food Workers — Low Pay Is OK

If you live in the United States, then you’ve surely heard about all of the fuss surrounding the fast food strikes and those who work at such jobs demanding an increase in the minimum wage or a “livable income.” Now, I don’t watch or read too much of the news. Actually, I don’t watch or read any of the news, whatsoever. But, I do seem to gradually and inadvertently acquire a general, overall understanding of these types of plights through social media and other online sources whenever they tend to pop up on the radar. And, from what I can gather from this latest quandary, fast food workers all across the nation have recently become highly dissatisfied with their current financial compensation packages. Evidently, they don’t feel that they can support their families on minimum wage as it exists today and, as a result, they are demanding that minimum wage be increased to $15 per hour.

Now, I don’t possess any focused or particularized academic training in economics, political science, or sociology. But, what I do possess is a little bit of fucking common sense and personal accountability…attributes that these fast food workers seem to be completely and utterly devoid of. Like many others, I have spent a few of my own years working in the fast food service industry. So, I know first-hand that tending the register at Burger King sucks ass. I know that customers usually go out of their way to be total dingleberries. And, I also know that fast food pay is pretty lousy. But, rather than unjustifiably and arbitrarily demanding more income like all of these fast food people that are all up in arms right now, I simply quit fast food and got a better, more satisfying job that paid a better wage.

And, I know what you may be thinking. “Easier said than done.” Well, I don’t disagree with that statement. It is easier said than done. But, that still doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. People who are unhappy with the wages that they earn working in the fast food industry can earn better wages. It just may take a little bit of effort on their part. In fact, it’ll probably take a lot of effort. Up until this point, however, it just doesn’t seem that any of these trifling tater tots have had any real interest in taking any action to help themselves. Instead, they simply endeavor to place the blame for their own problems and poor decisions on the very businesses who employ them and provide what little means to live that they have in the first place. So, without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons why these bumbling burger-flippers need to shut their mouths and take some personal accountability.

1. Fast Food Jobs Require No Specialized Skills or Talents:  The whole reason that the compensation for those who work fast food jobs is so little is because the work that they perform can essentially be done by anybody. The job requires nothing more than listening to one of several pre-defined requests, punching buttons on a screen or register that correspond to that request, following simple instructions, and then executing an order. It’s not rocket science. Although, sometimes, you’d be led to believe that it is. I’d estimate that the margin of error at any given fast food restaurant at any given time is approximately 25% or greater. If I pull up to McDonalds and order a number 3 with no pickles and a Dr. Pepper and you somehow manage to bungle my order, you do not deserve a single cent above the national minimum wage. In fact, if you ask me, I’d say that you don’t even deserve minimum wage. What you deserve is a good, solid, reverse punch to the nuts!

2. Fast Food Wages Are Not Meant To Support A Family:  One of the reoccurring arguments for an increase in the minimum wage that I keep hearing from fast food workers is that receiving minimum wage does not enable individuals to adequately support their families. Well, they aren’t meant to, you idiots! This argument is analogous to me accepting a job as an information systems security engineer that pays $60,000 dollars a year, running out and buying a 1.5 million dollar home, and then complaining that I do not make enough money to pay my mortgage. And, you can rearrange the facts of that example in whatever sequence that you’d like to, but the outcome is still the same. These fast food workers would have it seem as though having a family is not a choice, like children just materialize out of thick, musky air. But, having a family is a choice. So, if you have no means to support a family, don’t start one. Crisis averted.

3. Fast Food Employees Accept Employment At Minimum Wage:  My final beef with these whiny fast food employees (pun intended) is the fact that they willingly and graciously accept the terms and conditions of their employment, and then they turn right around and have the nerve to bitch about them. It’s astonishing that this practice, alone, does not get these employees terminated. After all, these are not employees who have honed and developed their skills over a period of time. These aren’t employees who simply request a reasonable raise to offset the annual cost of inflation. No. These are individuals who knowingly accept a job that requires minimal skill and effort in exchange for minimal compensation. Then, they have the sheer audacity to turn around after no time at all and unfairly and unjustly demand nearly double the income that they initially agreed to and accepted.

So, there you have it. Working in the fast food service industry generally sucks balls and provides very little pay. I understand that. I get it. But, when an individual brings absolutely nothing to the table in terms of skills or capabilities and attempts to use his or her poor decision making as a crutch for sympathy, what in the world makes him or her think that they’re in a position to negotiate or demand a higher wage after they’ve already accepted the generous terms of employment offered to them to begin with? Whether it be ignorance, apathy, greed, or an overwhelming and unwarranted sense of entitlement, the next time that you hear fast food workers complaining about receiving minimum wage, you got this brah!

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Anonymous September 11, 2014, 12:55 pm

These people are full of it. Try some hard work and be happy you have a job!

Mr Ayers September 12, 2014, 7:41 pm

All these workers do is push food that leads to catastrophic health problems anyways.


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