The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Stupid

If I had to choose just one reason over the past few weeks to deactivate or delete all of my social media accounts, it wouldn’t be all of the sluts and their selfies of themselves in bathtubs, it wouldn’t be all of the non-targeted, display network ads that I get bombarded with on a daily basis, and it wouldn’t even be because of all of the fools that are all upset over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. No, it would simply be the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Oh, how I hate the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Oh, how I hate it so very much! I hate the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Oh, yes…I hate it, I say. But, I have to admit that I didn’t even know what ALS was before the stupid Ice Bucket Challenge began and its band of fools began their crusade of the vain, wicked, and utterly foolish.

Here we are, three weeks later, and I still have no clue what the hell ALS is. But, here’s what I do know. The entire United States of America has run amuck over one-uping themselves over the stupid ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on nearly every social media platform available. And, nobody seems to be actually donating to the research, prevention, or treatment of ALS.

ALS has simply become a vehicle for social media-crazed attention whores to gain likes, followers, and exposure by acting like complete ass wagons on the internet. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is no longer about those that have been diagnosed with ALS. Rather, it’s all about the snazziest, douche-nozzeled, chode munch who instagrammed the most-illest 15 second video of himself wasting a clean, scarce natural resource.

So, until people start engaging in the Boiling Bucket Challenge, I am simply unimpressed. I am not interested. I am not motivated. I am not captivated. And, I shall not waiver. The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” may have had noble beginnings. But, unfortunately, it’s now become just a pitiful excuse for deviant turds and other social media outcasts to seek validation for themselves. Hopefully, you don’t got this brah!

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BaBeICE August 29, 2014, 8:49 pm

Dear god make it all stop!

Anonymous August 30, 2014, 8:43 pm

This post is retarded. Typical d-bag talking trash.


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