Mentally Unstable Woman Completely Loses Her Shit And Bullies Dunkin’ Donuts Employees

As many of you probably know, I regularly listen to the Russ Martin show in the afternoon while I’m either working out or stuck in traffic. Today, the show featured a bit where Russ and his co-hosts were losing their shit and laughing at the video above where a mentally unstable woman, Taylor Chapman, comes completely unhinged over the fact that a Dunkin’ Donuts employee failed to provide her a copy of her receipt upon the completion of a purchase that she had made the previous day. So, as a result, this depraved and irrational woman decides to return to the Dunkin’ Donuts the following day to bully, intimidate, and harass a young man and a young woman who probably earn minimum wage.

What’s particularly alarming about this video is the fact that, at no time during the filming of this video, does this crazy, foul-mouthed mega-cunt consider the fact that 99.8% of the American population would naturally end up siding with the poor employees who she mercilessly berates for 8:09 minutes. In fact, she eventually wound up losing her job over this video. Either way, as you will soon see, her logical, reasonable, and scholarly arguments are none to be trifled with! So, grab a beer, sit back, and click the play button as I attempt to break down this basic bitch’s delusional, misconstrued, and depraved way of thinking.

  • 0.11 — I don’t think using a 2 year old Verizon Android to record a conversation between yourself and a random Dunkin’ Donuts employee quite qualifies as “video surveillance.”
  • 0:16 — So, wait. Her order wasn’t filled improperly? She were served in a timely fashion? All of this commotion resulted over the nominal fact that she didn’t receive a copy of her receipt? Who even cares about their receipt? It’s not like you’re going to write off your breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts as a business expense.
  • 0:22 — I hate to break it to her, but most security cameras don’t record audio. Furthermore, what in the world makes her think a frontline employee who’s job duties simply entail filling customers’ orders cares about pulling up footage from security cameras to review whether or not his coworker treated her like a bitch. Especially when dealing with her for even 30 seconds obviously reveals that she is one.
  • 0:27 — Oh shit…this is going to get posted on Facebook. Heavens no! I’m sure all her Facebook friends just can’t wait for more of her virtuous and noble posts.
  • 0:31 — She’s never had a problem with “day-shift,” but she’s mercilessly bullying and abusing an employee who works day-shift?
  • 0:33 — Day-shift has always respected her with kindness to the utmost. What??? This is what happens when stupid people try to pretend that they’re smart.
  • 0:48 — Yeah, I’m sure the manager and the owner want to be awoken and notified at 2:38am about the fact that she didn’t receive a receipt with her order.
  • 0:53 — I can just picture her lawyer in his office right now trying to narrow down all of the different causes of action that he could employ to assert her claim.
  • 1:01 — Wait. I’m still confused. Is this all being recorded?
  • 1:18 — At this point, the poor Dunkin’ Donuts employee agrees to give the crazy bitch her order for free. So, why does she continue to bully him for approximately seven more minutes? Cause she’s a maleficent bitch.
  • 1:48 — So, after all this bullshit…it’s wasn’t even her order??? It was Rob’s?
  • 2:12 — Crazy bitch takes a break from bullying Dunkin’ Donuts employee to take a selfie. Classic!
  • 2:24 — Wait, the reason she gave Dunkin’ Donuts such good reviews online is because she has a business degree? And, now she doesn’t have a business degree because “some bitch” pissed her off? I don’t think I’m following her train of thought.
  • 2:57 — Who the hell is Rob??? And, what are his thoughts on this matter?
  • 3:18 — I think that that guy does know what’s going on. He knows that this bitch is being a complete cunt in the middle of Dunkin’ Donuts for no reason.
  • 3:48 — I literally think this chick is going to piss her pants if she doesn’t get her video posted on Facebook soon.
  • 4:16 — Crazy bitch busts out racial slur number 1.
  • 4:18 — Wait, now she’s going to Mars? Let’s just pray that she gets a receipt for that.
  • 4:22 — There are applicants for Mars? What the fuck are is she talking about?
  • 5:32 — I’m pretty sure that she wishes that there were takes backs in life now that she’s known as the crazy lady who lost her shit in the middle of a Dunkin’ Donuts and lost her job as a result.
  • 5:54 — She doesn’t care if she eats shit??? Interesting.
  • 5:57 — Wait, she knows that the employees pissed in her food, and that is why she is giving it to her boyfriend. What a lucky guy!
  • 6:17 — Who the hell reviews the same business 100 different times?
  • 7:17 — Crazy bitch calls an employee a “sand-nigger.” Racial slur number 2. At what point did she not think that this was going to end badly for her?


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J-Bomb January 17, 2014, 1:56 pm

Why didn’t Rob go with her? If Rob had gone with her, everything would have been just fine.


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