A Simple And Effective Approach To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number

Every brah knows how integral getting a girl’s phone number can be when trying to insert yourself into her life (and possible other things as well). But, many brahs out there struggle with asking a girl for her number because it requires putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to rejection and embarassment. Whether you’ve met her through a mutual acquaintance at a social event and discovered through casual conversation that the two of you share a few common interests with one another or whether you’ve never laid eyes on her or spoken to her before, and you just simply want to bang the hell out of her, obtaining her phone number is absolutely key if the relationship is going to move forward.

Many times, getting a girl’s phone number is no easy task. Sometimes, you may have to maneuver a bit, apply some pressure here and there, reevaluate along the way, and try a few different tactics before successfully taking her down. And, it’s not so much actually asking a girl for her phone number that’s difficult. That’s the easy part. It’s just one simple question, really. Yes, or no? The difficult and sometimes complicated part of asking a girl for her phone number is creating value in yourself during the lead in and providing a comfortable environment in which to frame the ultimate question so that she will be naturally inclined to provide you with her details.

Therefore, I’m here to provide you with a simple, yet effective approach to getting a girl’s phone number which completely avoids the ultimate question altogether, as well as all of the painstaking methodology surrounding it. Whether you’re on campus or at a noisy bar, simply walk up and politely ask your target if you may quickly borrow her phone. And, it may help to already have an endearing excuse planned ahead of time just in case she asks for one. But, once she gives her phone to you, simply thank her and smile as you dial your own phone number into it and call yourself. Boom! You just got her number.

Now, depending on the particular girl, you may actually score points with her by purposefully bringing her up to speed on what you’ve just so cleverly accomplished by leaving the ringer on your own phone on. Her face will be priceless as the wave of realization washes over her. Afterwards, simply thank her again, and tell her that you’ll call her soon. Too good to be true? See this method put into action here. You got this brah!

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TRUTH July 31, 2013, 4:33 pm

That video is freaking awesome!


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