New Bacos Packaging

Heads up brahs! I went to the grocery store here recently and, about half way through my trip, I damn near had a full-on panic attack because I couldn’t find the bacos. Now, of course, everyone knows that bacos are essentially the most stellar culinary delight to have ever been invented in the history of man. You can put them on baked potatoes, salads, sprinkle them over pizza, use them as chasers, and to drown out any unpleasant taste associated with your girl’s cooking. The possibilities are limitless, and they’re simply delicious!

So, imagine my dismay as I browsed down the bacos isle, strolled up to the area where they should be, and couldn’t find them. Beginning to hyperventilate, I cursed every vile and profane term imaginable as I scanned back in forth in complete and utter confusion. My entire shopping trip had just been rendered totally pointless and unproductive. However, I managed to pull myself together as young mothers ushered their small children away from me, and I realized that this whole ordeal had simply been a minor oversight on my part. Evidently, Betty Crocker pompously decided to abandon her traditional plastic bottle packaging and opt for a new re-sealable zip lock bag packaging. Therefore, next time you go to the grocery store and look for the bacos, just remember…you got this brah!

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Young Mother June 4, 2013, 10:08 pm

“as young mothers ushered their small children away from me…” LOL!


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