Never Reveal To A Girl Where A Brah Lives

As a brah, you have an innate, hardwired duty to all of your fellow brahs to never, ever, absolutely under any circumstances reveal to a girl where he lives or stays. Almost every brah has encountered this quandary at some point or another during their lives. Some chick in your psychology class, who you know has been talking to one of your brahs, comes up to you at break and asks for your brah’s address because she needs to return some notes to him that he let her borrow. Or, perhaps you’re at the gym in the middle of your curls when one of your brah’s former bangs breaks up your set to get the details on his current living situation. The pressure is on. What are you going to do, brah?

The answer is the exact same line of advice you should follow if ever questioned by members of law enforcement, and it’s quite simple. Keep your mouth shut! It doesn’t matter if the girl is hot. It doesn’t matter if your brah specifically gave the girl a key to his place, but she conveniently forgot the directions. It doesn’t even matter if the chick has two vaginas with his name tattooed above each one. Don’t ever, ever reveal to a girl where your brah lives! Brah code dictates that you keep your mouth shut and maintain your brah’s confidence at all times. You got this brah!

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Zoomer June 27, 2013, 11:40 am

This is the chick that was in the girl with a dragon tattoo?

Flirttar June 28, 2013, 8:29 pm

Yes. She’s hot.


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