Flirt With Girls Simply By Asking Them Questions

You’re a brah which means that you already know how to effectively flirt with the female population. You know how to casually break the ice. You know how to establish and maintain eye contact. And, without any thought at all, you know just the right moment to subtlety make physical contact with her arm as you smile at her and move in for the bang. Certainly, there is a science to mastering these various types of flirtations. But, what if you haven’t quite yet become as proficient with these types of flirting as you would like? Or, perhaps you are still trying build up your confidence. Today, we’re going to discuss a simple, yet effective way of flirting with the hot chick at sonic who deliver’s your breakfast toaster combo meal to your window on those morning when you’re too hungover to appear clever.

Ask her questions, brah. That’s it! Whether you’ve just met the girl or whether you’ve known her for awhile but have never been able to strike up a decent conversation with her, it works. For example, you’re in 7-Eleven on a Thursday night grabbing a case of Bud Light when you see a smoking hot chick who is a few feet away from you. You notice that she’s browsing the Gatorade cooler. Simply walk up to her and ask her if she likes Gatorade. She’ll most likely answer in the affirmative. So, then you ask, “What’s your favorite flavor?” Follow up by asking why it (her previous answer) is her favorite flavor. You might try asking her if Gatorade is her favorite drink. If yes, why? If no, then what is? Why? Once you exhaust your string of questions on the topic at hand, plainly pick a new topic and go from there. Compliment her hair, and then ask her if it’s naturally straight. Ask her how long it takes her to style it. Get the idea? If not, check out this scene from 40 Year Old Virgin which demonstrates a flawless (yet, rehearsed) execution of this tactic.

Now, this may sound somewhat ridiculous. And, to some extent, it is. But, wait until you’ve tried it. Girls like attention. And, hot chicks crave it like brahs crave beefy nacho grillers at 3 in the morning. Asking hot chicks a barrage of bullshit questions gives them the illusion that you want to get to know them on a personal level and that you are actually interested in all of the superfluous details of their dismal lives. Utilizing this tactic will get you farther along than you’ll ever imagine. Additionally, it naturally sets up your take-down line where you ask the girl what her number is. So, the next time you see a hot chick that you’d like to add to your bang list, just remember…you got this brah!

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